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Blog about Bart Allen a.k.a Impulse a.k.a Kid Flash. Roleplay posts tagged as appropriate.
Nov 4 '12

"This is gonna be so awesome!" Bart was buzzing with excitement, almost literally. He’d wasted no time dumping boxes of crap in his room, unpacking only the essentials; his xbox, and his laptop. The rest of the dorm was a mess, Bart having turned the place upside down trying to see what was there and what was needed - meaning what else exactly he’d have to unpack in the near future.

"So what’s the plan, big boy? We hitting the town tonight? Settling in? Looking round? Whaddaya think?" Bart grinned, fidgeting from excitement. He’d been waiting for this moment for so long."Uni will be the best years of your life," they all said. And with Conner by his side, that statement definitely sounded likely. They’d be unstoppable.